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Electric Brewing Arizona's 1st microbrewery in Bisbee AZ metal power coated tap handles.


On Tap July 21st, 2024

This is a list of what is on tap for the above date. Exact % alcohol by volume (A.B.V.) values vary from batch to batch. I.B.U. stands for “International Bittering Units” and has to do with the type and quantity of hops used, as well as the stage at which they were added. Our Instagram and Facebook pages also have frequently updated lists of the current beers and sodas on tap. You can also rent a keg from us for personal use. If you would like kegs and bottles for your bar, restaurant, store, et cetera, contact us or visit our taproom. Our links page has a list of our business customers where you can also find our products in bottles or on tap.

Thunderstruck Baltic Porter

Smooth and chocolaty with a hint of toasted caramel. A great drink for our monsoon season, or anytime. Have you been thunderstruck yet? Ariana Hops. 7.0% abv 38 ibu.

The Bisbee Sessions I.P.A.

Hoppy but relatively low in alcohol. A small beer with a big flavor. Not intensely bitter but a big dry hop aroma from Centennial and Ariana hops. Made for a long night on the gulch. 5.0% alc./vol., 60 I.B.U.

Cerveza Eléctrica

Light, Mexican lager like beer which we first made for the 2021 Bisbee Mariachi Festival. 4.5% ABV 18 IBU.

Electrostatic E.S.B.

ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter but the bitterness of the hops takes the backseat while the malt does the driving. This beer has body, medium hop content, and a malty nose and flavor.

6.1% alcohol by volume. 38 I.B.U.

Centennial and Columbus bittering and Centennial for aroma.

Soda Water

Carbonated water. You can have it plain or get it mixed with one of our syrups.

Electrical Accident Ale

No description at this point. 7% ABV 48 IBU

Industrial Pale Ale

Industrial is a beer that Dave made years ago here at Electric Brewing. Is it a strong Pale Ale or an IPA. We leave it up to the drinker. Hoppy but not too hoppy. Bitter but not aggressively so. Nice malty body. Great beer. Meduim bodied. Some serious spicy bitterness that lingers. Think lemongrass and an earthy freshness. A sweet honeysuckle aroma. The nose is fruity, flowery and spicy but not intense. No dry hopping here. Enjoy! 6.5% alc/vol 70 IBU

Black Cat Barleywine

Big, big beer. 12% abv but not very noticeable in this luscious malty barlywine. Much drier than most. It's not cloyingly sweet. It's Malty. It's caramelly. It's smooth. A serious sherry character. It's all about celebration. This is not a sit down and drink a few beer! it needs quiet contemplation and a good friend or two on a beautiful night. Enjoy!
12% ABV 70 IBU
Centennial and Columbus bittering hops.

Cranberry Hard Kombucha

Hard kombucha, cranberry flavoured. 5.5% alcohol by volume.

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