Keg rentals for individuals or parties

Individuals, perhaps you, can buy a keg of beer from us. The beer is sold, and the keg is loaned with a deposit. Come in and ask us if you are interested. We have sixth barrel (5.16 US gallons) and half barrel (15.5 US gallons) kegs available. You may also be able to rent a "party pump" (a pump you can use to pour from kegs without needing carbon dioxide cylinders and regulators.)
Keg filling
We may also be able to fill your own keg, depending on the type of fitting you have. Please come and ask in advance.
Sales of beer in kegs to businesses
We are also happy to sell beer in kegs to bars, restaurants, hotels, and the like. Here is a list of our business customers and here is our contact information.
half barrel keg, sixth barrel keg, party pump

Image, left to right: Half barrel keg, sixth barrel keg with party pump attached.