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This page contains a list of media stories about Electric Brewing, including websites, television, books, radio, and so on. There are web links to many stories, but others you may have to find outside the web. Keep in mind that not every detail in every news story is correct and some stories contradict each other on certain details. If you have something new or old that should go on here, send it to us. I have not yet added all the articles I have but will.

Content last updated Monday, May 27th, 2024.

KVOA (1988)

In 1988 Electric Dave was interviewed by Mary Kim Titla for a TV news story for KVOA. This is when the brewery was in South Bisbee. Shows footage of the brewery. Here is a link to the video:

Brewery Adventures in the Wild West (1991)

Erickson, Jack. Brewery Adventures in the Wild West. Red Brick Press. (1991) p. 145-146. ISBN 0-941397-04-1

This book has a couple of pages about Electric Brewing in Bisbee, along with many other breweries and brewpubs in the western U.S., some still around and some not.

Bisbee Marquee (2003)

Thanks to the Internet Archive for crawling years ago and thereby preserving  this interesting story about the brewery. On the page, click the link near the bottom that says "the Bisbee Marquee". Not all photos display, but the text is all there. Electric Brewing. (June 16, 2003) The Bisbee Marquee. Retrieved August 9, 2023 from

Weekly Special Beer Report (2003)

General article about Dave Harvan and the business.

Electric Dave is busily brewing once again. (Weekly Specialty Beer Report).. (n.d.) >The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Oct 23 2022 from

The Bisbee City Limits (2006)

A 1 min 15 sec video showing Electric Dave's Oktoberfest party on October 22, 2006, at the current brewery location. Retrieved 5/27/2024

Wrangler News (2009)

Story about opening Dave's Electric Brewpub in Tempe.

“Wrangler News”, Tempe AZ Retrieved 5/21/2024

Red's Roost (2010)  (2014)

About founding the brewery and how the original equipment was sold to Vinnie Cilurzo, later founder of Russian River Brewing Company.

Acitelli, Tom. Electric Dave and the Origins of Arizona’s Beer Boom. (2014). Retrieved December 5, 2022 from

Arizona Daily Star (2020)

Re-opening in 2020 story.

Gay, Gerald M. This new brewery taps the name of a classic Bisbee brand. Arizona Daily Star. (2020). Retrieved May 20, 2024 from

Bisbee Observer (2022)

Story about Electric Brewing and past and current owners.

Sanders, Shay. Electric Brewery, where beer is a family affair. The Bisbee Observer. June 30, 2022. p. 1 and 3.

Bisbee Observer (2022)

This story is about a city council meeting and includes a noise complaint to the City Council about music at the brewery, among unrelated council business.

Swan, Laura. Hillcrest Property back on the market. The Bisbee Observer. July 7, 2022. p. 1 and 6.

Arizona Illustrated (2023)

Episode #929 of "Arizona Illustrated" from Arizona Public Media is a special on Bisbee, featuring segments on The Muheim House, Camp Naco, The Copper Queen Library, Warren Ballpark, and Electric Brewing. It shows interviews and footage of one of our karaoke nights earlier that year. The episode first aired in May, 2023. Link to watch here.

Herald/Review (2023)

Story about our Karaoke nights, "Mike's Amazing Karaoke Experience".

Bisbee's Electric Brewing Features Electrifying Karaoke, Leah Mueller. Special to the Herald/Review, October 27, 2023. Link. Story about our karaoke nights.

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