We usually have five or six beers on tap at a time. Here is a list of ones we sometimes have.
If you are interested in buying kegs for your own taproom,
The Bisbee Sessions IPA and Electrostatic ESB are available.
Last updated January 4th, 2021

The Bisbee Sessions India Pale Ale (IPA)

Hoppy but relatively low in alcohol. A small beer with a big flavor. Not intensely bitter but a big dryhop aroma. Made for a long night on the gulch. 4.3% abv

Electrostatic ESB

ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter but the bitterness of the hops takes the backseat while the malt does the driving. This beer has body, medium hop content, and a malty nose and flavor. 5.0% abv

Surge Protector IPA

abv 5.8 - ibu 67

Holiday Cranberry Ale

No description.

Thunderstruck Baltic Porter

abv 5.9 - ibu 39

1898 Imperial Stout

10.5 abv - 71 ibu

Positronic Pale Ale

Smooth traditional pale ale. Balanced bittering hops and malt with a floral/citrus aroma. 5.3% abv

Electric Lawnmower

Light and refreshing. Its a beer made for a hot summer day. Light malt and hop flavors. 4% abv

Brownout Stout

Description forthcoming. 5.9% abv

Impulse IPA

No description yet. 6% abv

Edison Amber

No description yet. 5.0% abv

Electric Porter

Smooth. Malty with notes of chocolate and coffee. Contains no chocolate or coffee. 5.4 abv

Ion Storm Double IPA

Description forthcoming. 7.3% abv

Accident ESB

No description.

Big Electric Peach

Strong ale with peach.


No description.

Alpha Particle Detector IPA

Not too hoppy with a hint of citrus. 6.2% abv

Making test batches, March 2020.


Ginger Brew and Sarsaparilla are coming soon.
The others are out for now.
Last updated January 12, 2021
SARSAPARILLA (Out for now)

Complex, not too sweet, deliciously and herbally flavorful. Bet it would be good with a drop or two or heck why not, a wee dram of rum added, also. (We do not sell rum). Contains no alcohol.

JAMAICA SODA (Coming back)

Made with hibiscus flowers and cane sugar, then carbonated. Contains no alcohol.


Lemonade which has been carbonated. Contains no alcohol.

GINGER BREW (Coming back)

Spicy. Contains no alcohol.

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