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Links to the websites of our business customers.

We distribute our beer and soda in kegs and bottles to a number of bars, restaurants, hotels, and stores in Southeast Arizona. This is a list of those places.

This page was last updated on May 19th, 2024.


On Tap
In Bottles
Beer and soda selection in bottles: Electric Brewing Electrostatic ESB, Industrial Pale Ale, The Bisbee Sessions IPA, Electric Lawnmower Ale, Bisbee Sodawerks Jamaica Hibiscus Soda.

Sierra Vista

Some of our bottles.

Electric Brewing, Bisbee Arizona. Lightning bolt shaped metal tap handles for beer.




Our tap handles look like this.

Electric Brewing, Bisbee Arizona; Electrostatic ESB; Extra Special Bitter Ale; Bottling; Beer; Brewery; Bisbee Arizona; Microbrewery

Bottling Electrostatic ESB. August, 2022.

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